Tuesday 30 September 2014

My Hybrid, Miele Umbria

A few years ago the cycling bug bit me.  I had always enjoyed mountain biking in my youth and I wanted to take it up again.  This time around I wanted something street-able but able to hit an easy dirt trail as well.  Something upright and something with a flat or riser handle bar.

My Miele Umbria, aka The Hybrid.
After a few test rides my wife and I settled on a pair of Miele Umbrias.  It seemed to fulfill all of our needs and we did get some rides on it.  Then winter settled in and my health started to go downhill.  So it was left forgotten in the garage until I got my diabetes diagnosis and the determination to get healthier.

There's nothing fancy about it. But having achieved several milestones on it, it had sentimental value.  And honestly, its comfortable and easy to ride.

When I bought my road bike, I was told that I'd probably get rid of my hybrid.  But that hasn't happened.  It's my backup exercise when my road bike is in the shop.  There are a lot of dirt and gravel trails around my house where the hybrid excels.  When we went on our last bike vacation, we brought our hybrids as well as our road bikes just because they're fun and easy to ride.  And they can't be beat if you just want to dress in normal clothes and go to the grocery store or the restaurant.

I haven't done much in the way of upgrading.  I put on a rear rack right away.  I got a double walled rim when the rear stock one bent.  I have been thinking about trekking bars (aka butterfly bars) just for some alternate hand positions.  Maybe even add in some fenders to make it a little more rain friendly.


  1. My last hybrid bike I had, worked well for me for the most part.. but when I hit a pot hole, the tube would explode. My daughter now has my old bike, it's light and fast.. Excellent starter bike.

  2. Yep, they're great for people who are getting started. My rear rim bent on some broken pavement, replaced it with a double walled rim and now its pretty good. Still awesome for getting groceries.

    I've always felt mine is pretty heavy. Maybe its a perspective thing since my usual ride is a light road bike and yours is a heavy fat bike. :D