About Me

Hello, I'm Big Red Clydesdale.  I started this blog on August 2014 in order to document my journey through cycling and using it as a tool to control my diabetes and stay in shape.

As I just began cycling again in 2014, most of my topics are from a stumbling newbie point of view.  I hope this helps other stumbling newbies out there; that being said as I gain experience and un-stupid myself this may change.

Topics on this blog include (but are not limited to):
  • Cycling in all its forms (road, mountain, hybrid etc).
  • Cycling in different environments (paved, trail, indoor, winter).
  • Getting (and staying) fit!
  • Diabetes; using cycling to control it, nutritional information,
  • Different rides I have done.
  • Challenges that a larger rider may encounter.
  • Destruction of all unicycles! (just kidding).
  • Reviews of cycling related items and applications.
I try to be broad enough to stick to as many cycling topics as possible, but niche enough to only talk about bike related things.