Monday 1 September 2014

Introduction to Bicycle Laws in Canada

Unfortunately there's no easy list of Canadian laws that can be presented.  Each province has their own set of laws.  Some are universal, such as obeying normal traffic signage.  But some are different.  And of course, municipalities can also have their own set of by-laws involving cycling.  Very important to know what you are dealing with; especially if you are touring, visiting another part of Canada or simply live in a border area.

I spent some time in my youth in a border area.  Two different provinces and two different cities, each with their own set of laws.  It became very confusing on which law was in effect where!

When we decided to take our bikes with us on vacation, II ran into this again.  So while I'm gathering all this info anyway, I figured it would make for some great posts.  Even if I can just use it as a reference for myself.
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