Monday 1 September 2014

Bicycle Law in New Brunswick

I was surprised when looking up New Brunswick bike laws.  There are incredibly specific laws (helmets much be approved, have chin straps, and they have to be fastened under the chin) and there are incredibly vague ones (just what the hell does "regular attached seat" even mean anyway?!).

Some of the fines have a series of three numbers.  The first is the minimum fine, the second is the maximum fine.  The third number is the re-offend fine.

NB law is pretty clear that cyclists using NB roads have all the rights of a vehicle in addition to being subject to all applicable duties.  Motor vehicles must also give cyclists a 1 meter distance when passing.

Beware Users of Irregular Unattached Seats
Cyclist must use a regular attached seat on NB roads.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

No Double Riding Unless its a Tandem
Number of persons on a bicycle on NB roads are limited to the number it was designed for.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

All cyclists must wear approved helmets (w/ chin straps that are fastened under the chin) when cycling on NB roads.
Fine: $20

Helmets and Kids
Parent(s) or Guardian(s) shall not allow cyclist under the age of 16 to cycle on NB roads without approved helmet.
Fine: $20

No Attachment to Other Vehicles
Cyclists on NB roads shall not be attached by any means to another vehicle.  Guess that means no lassos and no charging your smartphone via extension to someone's car!
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

High Towing Fines
Motorized vehicle(s) shall not tow a cyclist on N.B. roads by any means, unless it is capable of being registered under the Act and is so.
Class E Fine $240 / $2,500 / $10,200

Stay to the Right
Cyclist using N.B. roads shall do so as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, use caution when passing standing or moving item(s) traveling in the same direction.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

Single File
Cyclist shall not ride abreast while on N.B. roads unless on paths or parts of roadway set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

Stay on Bike Paths
Cyclist may not use N.B. road(s) when a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a road.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

Keep at least one hand on the handlebars
Class C Fine $140 / $640 / $2100

Lights and Reflectors
Bicycles must be equipped with an approved forward facing white color light and a rear facing red reflector for night time use on roads.  A rear facing approved red color light may be used WITH the red reflector.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

Noise Makers
Bicycles must be equipped with an approved bell or device giving a audible signal, a siren or whistle is not permitted.  A kazoo might be legal.  But a tuba would not (must keep one hand on handlebar).
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

Bicycles must be equipped with brakes adequate to control, stop and hold the bicycle in place.  In other words, unbroken brakes that brake.
Class B Fine $140 / $640 / $1100

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  1. I might just have to equip a kazoo onto my handle bars.