Friday, 17 October 2014

Cold Test Ride 2 / 3

Saturday was my second ride.  I had to run some errands first so my ride ended up being later in the afternoon.  The forecast called for rain later in the day; since I really hate riding in the rain I opted for a shorter route of 25km.  The window I was looking at was mainly sunny with a temperature of 10C, with a "feels like" of 9C.  Wind easterly about 5km/h.  Temperature and wind looked steady for the duration of my ride.

Base: MEC Ardent jersey, MEC Journey cycling shortsPearl Izumi Select thermal tights, generic sports socks.  MEC Vivace gloves.
Extra: DeFeet SlipStream shoe covers.

The Ride
This ride would be a little shorter than the first ride.    Since it seemed less risky, I didn't bring any backup clothing.  Almost everything I wore was the same as my last ride except I changed my liner for shorts and I had ditched the headband.

A cold overcast day on the parkway.The biggest difference I noticed on this ride was the wind.  The previous day's ride had wind of 25km/h, today only had 5km/h.  It doesn't look like much difference but in my mind it was the difference between "slightly chilly" and "Hoth cold".

My Ardent jersey really did the trick this time.  I felt like it was sufficient for my entire ride.

I noticed my feet getting cold, despite the shoe covers.  It was only in the front part of the toes, but it made me feel uncomfortable.  Almost always when I had a headwind or crosswind, even a slight one.

I found the gloves to be a disappointment.  They don't seem to cut the wind very well and they don't seem to keep my fingers warm at all.  I really feel like a better set of gloves will be required for any autumn or winter runs.

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