Sunday, 24 August 2014



I started this blog as an effort to chronicle my adventures in cycling.  I tend to yammer on a lot about subjects that interest me, to the point of boring people to death.  At least in a blog, you can stop reading before your tedium reaches lethal levels!

There are lots of reasons to get on the two-wheeled bandwagon.  In my case, its for health and its for fun.  I used to love "urban mountain biking" as a youth and wanted to get back to it.  But it was my declining health that really helped push me into starting again.

So far things have been working out great.  I've been getting healthier and have lost 40 lbs.  I plan on losing another 40 lbs.

What can you expect?  Well, pretty much everything bike related.  Sometimes I might talk about a particular ride.  Sometimes I might review equipment.  Some might be related to my health.  Sometimes it will be convergences of hobbies and cycling (for example, 3D designing and 3D printing various things for my bike).

My expectations are to document the experience for myself.  I do hope it becomes more than that, like a vehicle for encouraging others to be healthy, or a way to help others navigate the early horrors that you encounter cycling, such as "What do you mean you don't wear underwear under those bike shorts!"  Most of all I hope its a lot of fun; for the writer (me) as well as the reader (you).

My current bikes are a Miele Umbra (steel hybrid) and a Norco Valence A1 (aluminum road bike).  I'm hoping to add a few more ponies to my stable too -- I would love to have a recumbent, a touring bike, a tandem, a cruiser, a cyclocross, a fat bike and a full suspension mountain bike.

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