My Bikes

2014 Norco Valence A1
aka The Valence

The Valence is classified as a "Road/Endurance" bike.  It has a more relaxed geometry than a racing bike.  It was designed for long distance rides like randonneuring or century rides.  Out of all my bikes it is my favourite and the one I ride most often.

The Valence has a Wahoo Blue SC speed/cadence sensor.  I also have a RFLKT+ for displaying data from the Blue SC or from my heart rate monitor.  All communications use Bluetooth so it is necessary to bring my smart phone along too.  The sensor data will also use the GPS in my phone to help map things out.

Lighting consists of a MEC Zinger 480 white beam and a no-name rear red light with 5 LED's (solid or various flash patterns) as well as 2 line lasers (again, solid or flash patterns).  I also carry around a few red/white usb rechargable lights, as either emergency lights or to help make the bike stand out more.

In the winter it still gets a lot of use as I put it on a trainer.  This year I've been using it at an indoor cycling class.

This is my normal training ride.  In warmer months it is what I like to ride on, especially if I'm out there setting my own pace.  In colder months it gets parked on a trainer and used at an indoor cycling class.

2012 Miele Umbria 100
aka The Hybrid

Not my first bike, but definitely the first in recent years.  This chromoly framed bike was what I used to start building my biking endurance.  It has since taken a back seat to the Valence.

The Hybrid does see year round use.  In the usual cycling season it is my leisure ride.  When I want to be upright and looking around, or when the terrain might be mixed but not too dicey.  In the winter it gets pulled out on days the terrain is clear of snow or ice.

I try to stay away from riding after dark, otherwise I'll borrow the lighting system from the Valence.  I have a smartphone mount for this bike; I'll usually use an app to determine speed, location and so on from the GPS sensor.

2010 Norco Scrambler
aka The Scrambler aka Project SubZero

A used bike I picked up as part of a winter biking project.

Since then I've outfitted it for winter use.  The tires are Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pros that have 361 tungsten carbine studs in each.  It is great on ice, pretty good on shallow powder snow but has a really rough time in any snow I sink into.

I have a second RFLKT mount on this bike, so I can just use the RFLKT+ from the Valence.  It doesn't have any speed or cadence sensor as of yet, so I usually have my smartphone do the heavy lifting but still display the data on the RFLKT+.

It sometimes has issues with the freehub freezing or the rear derailleur getting frozen.

I usually have a pair of cheap-o Scooter mitts that i use for pogies.

In the winter time I usually move all of my lights and my siren from the Valence to this bike.  It is dark often, either from short winter days or from snow storms, so I like to keep it lit up.  As winters are darker and snowstorms are hard to be seen in, I try hard to make sure both on-road (cars, trucks) and off-road traffic (snowmobiles, ATV's) can see me clearly.