My Apps

Wahoo Fitness (Android, iOS)
This is my main software used on my mobile phone.  It "speaks" to all of my Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ gadgets.  It displays all information on my head unit, the RFLKT+.  It supports multiple profiles so I'm always connected to the right devices and seeing the correct info no matter where I am or what bicycle I'm using.  It has built-in heart rate training for easy configuration.  While it is a Wahoo branded app that is made to work with Wahoo devices, it supports most anything that uses Bluetooth Smart (for example, my heart rate monitor).  It easily exports my data in a variety of formats and can auto-upload to several different analysis web sites.  Best of all, its free!

Strava (Android, iOS, Web)
Welcome to social media, bicycle style.  Strava allows you to "get social" with other cyclists and show each other what you've been up to.  I use it to connect with other Clydesdales and to discover other local cyclists.  It also has a competitive angle using segments, which ranks how well you perform versus others.  It also can provide you with analysis of the data from your bicycle ride.  It can be used in a variety of ways; you can run the Strava App on your phone or you can upload data from other apps like Wahoo Fitness, or other devices such as a Garmin.  Basic features are free but premium membership requires a monthly subscription.

TrainerRoad (iOS, PC, Mac)
This is the main software I use when I'm on a trainer at my indoor class.  It connects to my heart rate and speed/cadence sensor in order to evaluate performance.  It is also set to my "dumb" trainer; using all these data values it can extrapolate "Virtual Power" so I don't have to spend loads of dough on a power meter.  It also has hundreds of workout programs for you to follow and fitness tests to evaluate yourself with.  The workouts are customized to your capabilities and show everything in an easy chart so you know exactly how hard you need to pedal for intervals.  I'm happy with the concept but I'm unhappy with several things.  The virtual power reading seems way off; not Android compatible; requires a specific Bluetooth dongle to speak to my Bluetooth Smart devices, despite the fact that my laptop has integrated Bluetooth Smart compatibility.  TrainerRoad requires a monthly subscription but sports a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free.

Golden Cheetah (PC, Mac)
Unlike other analysis tools, Golden Cheetah free, open source software.  I use it to perform analysis on my data files provided by Wahoo Fitness.  Golden Cheetah is also able to perform as a trainer interval software like Trainer Road but currently only supports ANT+ devices.

RideWithGPS (Android, iOS)
This software has a lot of great features.  Offline maps for when you don't have a data connection.  They also have turn-by-turn navigation, making it a perfect "GPS Navigation" app.  They support a wide range of sensors and have great Android support.  Eventually they will be incorporating RFLKT features as well.  Once complete this will probably replace Wahoo Fitness as my main choice.

Glympse (Android)
This software allows you to send your GPS location to someone.  You can set a time limit on how long someone can track you.  You can stop it at any time.  The recipient only needs a web enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

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