Saturday 23 January 2016

Big Red Clydesdale Redux

There is not enough hours in a day, or days in the week, or weeks in the year.  This has felt like my motto for 2015.  Outside of working hours, most of my free time has been gobbled up by training.  So I figured I'd do a blog post with a summation of how things are going.

I am still giving diabetes a thorough trouncing.  The last few HbA1C tests have come in with me being below the diabetes threshold.  Am I cured?  No.  But I have it reversed without the use of medication.  I have increased the amount of training in order to keep it reversed.  I could probably eat a lot better too but things are OK right now.  If it starts getting more serious I'll have to watch my intake of food a lot more closely.

In addition to cycling, I've added swimming and running to the mix.  I wanted to cross train in something that would be beneficial so running fit the bill.  I took up swimming to incorporate more aerobic exercise.  So far so good!

Joining a club was an awesome idea.  Group rides really help keep a person motivated.  Sometimes you are encouraged through your common interests and sometimes you are motivated through competition with peers.  I also took things a step further and joined the executive.  This is one of the reasons I've had a lot less time for my blog!  We're bringing in a lot of new changes so 2016 is going to look like a fantastic year.

I've added a few bikes to the garage.  In addition to the Norco Valence, the Miele Hybrid and the Norco Scrambler, I've added a Litespeed titanium road bike and a vintage Peugot road bike.  Well, its like the rules say; the number of bikes you should own is n+1 where n is the current number of bikes you have!  I'm planning on using the Litespeed as a time trial bike and the Peugot will be used for slower, more social rides.

The winter cycling has been up and down.  Indoors has been great; Zwift added a workout mode and I try to ride three times per week.  But it was so warm outdoors I never added my winter tires to the Scrambler.  I may still ride outdoors but it will be a very short season for that.

So that's the extremely brief summation!  Here's to a very active 2016!

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